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Who we are!
Hello and welcome to Macladì * IT cattery
Breeding for the selection of the Persian cat registered in AFI (WCF).
Macladì is born from the anagram of my name and my daughter’s name, with whom I share this wonderful passion for Persian cats . Our adventure began two years ago when scrolling through the pages of the internet looking for a special Persian cat, there appeared the picture of our Avatar Little Dream …. and it was love at first sight ! Since then we have dedicated all our efforts to selecting Persian cats with white fur with orange or blue eyes . Our furry friends live absolutely without cages sharing all the interior and exterior of the house with us.  Caring for them requires a lot of work because our friends are groomed every day with extreme attention to the care of their coat.  And we also submit to the Animal DNA Laboratory in Australia all genetic tests that certify that they are free from FeLV FIV PKD HCM FIP . Our Persians, thanks to their wonderful character, are very personable and are also certified with SIU & A to be eligible for Pet Therapy . They make wonderful Therapy cats and, on a daily basis give moments of joy to children, young people and older people living with both physical and psychological illnesses. We will never stop to thank Stefano Facchini for having entrusted his Dream and following us with affection and professionalism in this path by breeders  . A big thank you goes to our dear Patrizia Xatra Persian Cattery with which we share this passion, but especially my husband and my children that support me in everything, even encouraging me in difficult times . Oh, I forgot to mention our Mascot Guru who is a European Cat, who with his irrepressible vitality brings unending joy to all of our days!